Dosage - Visual Management

I hate wasting 10 seconds reading instructions for less-frequently-used products, to find the dosage. For every new product I buy, when I'm reading instructions for the first time, I highlight the key points & I write the "dose" on the cover/packaging. I do this for e.g. eyebrow dying kit, weed-killer, bleach etc.

Rotating Inventory

I never take underwear or clothes directly from the clean laundry basket but always from the drawer or wardrobe because I want to reduce waiting waste (my clothes waiting to be used) & rotate my favourites so they get the same amount of “love” from me. Otherwise, I end up only wearing the same few things & everything else sits in the wardrobe unused!

Pre-empt Waiting Time - 5 Seconds Lean

I find parking on Google Map, get the parking app (if I don't have it) & (where I've been before) pay for it before I go anywhere new so I don't get stuck at parking lots with no cash or change.

Root Cause Vacuuming

I vacuum my lamp shades & sofa to get rid of dust completely instead of wet wiping because you see the wet dust & it's just pushing them around.

Visually Managed Drinking

I draw a marker line on my wine glass for visually managing the amount of wine I drink

Freezer Bags - Double Reuse

I wash & reuse thin resealable freezer bags. I double reuse good quality packaging. Example, thick Ziplock bags for frozen fish & vegetables. I wash & reuse them for eg leftover stews or soup & keep washing & reusing them where possible.

Naughty (Snacks) Drawer

I sort my candy drawer in modules by way of small to big treats. Small can be healthier or less calories & big can be naughty but in non dangerous portions