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Release Date: 01 September, 2021

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Being Lean, written by Michelle Leong, is an amazing book filled with practical ideas and thought processes to help you organise your life and free up more time for YOU. The book focuses on 4 main areas of your lifestyle and looks at tried and tested lean methods with practical activities to help you achieve better day-to-day processes, while removing stress and improving your work/life balance.

Being Lean is about everything you do in your life. When you should wake up, how you get yourself and your family up in the morning, how you make breakfast and prepare lunch, how you get dressed, mealtimes, your morning/afternoon/evening rituals, DIY work, exercising, fun time, all of work, holidays. It is about every aspect of your life and how you can do things simpler, quicker and safer, using scientific methods to help you obtain your goals without compromising on quality.

There is no such thing as naturally lean. There is doing lean, which is very different from Being Lean, which is anything but natural. There should always be science and thought behind actions & decisions for optimised outcomes. Thinking is and can be drummed in until it comes more natural, until Doing becomes Being.

Some people are just naturally organised and efficient but lean is not just about being haphazardly organised. Lean is a philosophy and methodology to help us be more effectively efficient. It is the science and thought behind the doing.

If you seriously want to embark on a Being Lean journey, transcending from just being organised to Doing Lean and Being Lean, this book is for you.

The book is split into two equal halves and within that, four parts. The lean philosophy and methodology have such robust and demonstrable provenance, it is inevitable that

the first half should comprise of 3 parts that look at the approach, some complementary thinking plus some hard tools and techniques. The injection of many practical examples aims to show readers how relevant and powerful the thinking and mindset are when they are linked to the doing. It is important to read through this part first to get the most out of the practical examples later on.

The second half of the book consists of the sizeable fourth section and is all about practical thinking and implementation. It is split into the four areas of our daily life, specifically lean

thinking and its application at home, in our health, when we’re travelling and at work. And with the world growing smaller and more integrated, I touch on the relevance of being a good global citizen from a lean perspective. Theories and thinking usually tend to sound formal, contrived and dry, but they provide the strong foundation required for implementation. They guide and give meaning to what we see, and provide a sound basis for practical action.

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